satellite imagery

Through a number of distribution agreements with leading companies such as Airbus and DigitalGlobe, BlackBridge is Canada’s foremost supplier of satellite imagery products. Our current data offering is available in a wide range of resolutions from very high (0.5m) to high (2.5m and 5m) and medium (10m and 20m), and is available in black & white or color. Whether you require large or small area coverages, BlackBridge has the imagery you need. Contact our Order Desk to help find the imagery that's right for your project

Offering the largest collection capacities and the quickest return time to any place on earth, BlackBridge's RapidEye constellation of five identical Earth Observation satellites reliably provide complete coverages of difficult-to-image areas and to fill the Archive with large quantities of current data. Our satellites can collect up to 5,000,000 km² of data daily, and have already amassed an archive of over 5 billion km².

Airbus products including SPOT5, SPOT6, and Pleiades offer excellent resolution, acquisition & revisit capability, and provide multiple product types useful for large and small scale mapping.  Airbus holds one of the world’s largest, continually growing image libraries dating back to 1986.  Blackbridge Geomatics is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Airbus’s SPOT satellite imagery.

DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most agile and sophisticated constellation of high-resolution commercial earth imaging satellites.  The vast DigitalGlobe archive today contains almost two billion km2 of high quality, high-resolution imagery.  With its 3 satellite constellation (QuickBird, WorldView-1, and WorldView-2) DigitalGlobe offers the greatest collection and fastest refresh of high-resolution imagery to any place on Earth.

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