ground segment


Our Ground Segment is comprised of a Data Management System (DMS) and a Product Processing System (PPS).

  • Data Management System
  • Product Processing System

Data Management System

The DMS handles incoming orders from clients, generates imaging schedules, and prepares the acquired data for generation into products by the PPS. The DMS was developed and built by MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) and includes five subsystems:

  • Order Handling Subsystem - receives orders from clients and manages the delivery of products;
  • Data Processing Subsystem - decompresses and decrypts raw data received from satellites, performs radiometric and geometric correction, and generates orthorectified tiles, being resampled to 5-meter pixel size
  • Acquisition Planning Subsystem - tasks the satellites to acquire imagery based on client orders;
  • Sensor Calibration Subsystem - ensures the satellite imaging sensors are calibrated to certain quality specifications;
  • Archive Management Subsystem - stores all acquired data and finished products in an archiving facility for future access and use. 

Product Processing System

We have designed and built a product processing system (PPS) that receives preprocessed data from the DMS and generates both standard and customized RapidEye products.

Highly automated and fully redundant, the PPS is comprised of multiple customized modules that enhance and process satellite imagery and other geospatial data, either raster or vector, to create integrated information products.

The PPS is designed as a centralized framework comprising of a high-performance cluster of compute nodes, database servers, and file servers. The PPS is expandable to accommodate the addition of new processing modules that will be developed to meet our clients’ information needs.